When we moved from our house to a smaller space, we needed to maximize every bit of room. Here is a kitchen hack that allows for no wasted space under the kitchen sink.

upper drawer

Wrap around drawer

I never understood why most kitchens have doors instead of drawers on base cabinets.Why open a door then pull out a drawer (rollout) or squat down to remove something from a shelf, when drawers are so much easier. This is especially true of sink base cabinets. What a waste of space.

Here is a hack to make a sink base cabinet with only drawers. The net result is more storage space, easier access when you have to fix something. The downside is that a leak can be more damaging than usual.

Bottom Drawer Open

No Clutter Allowed!


Space in the bottom of a sink cabinet is usually a catchall for junk and cleaning supplies. We store towels and cloth napkins under ours. As for the cleaning supplies, we store them in space left in either side of the sink as you will see in the next photograph.




With the drawers closed, it just looks like a standard drawer base. The handles match the other drawer base cabinetry to keep everything looking uniform.

Drawer Sink Base

All Drawers!








To accomplish this hack, it was necessary to replace a few parts of the standard Ikea drawer assembly. Ikea uses metal sides and backs for their drawers with a melamine bottom. To make this modification I would have had to cut the metal drawer back. I didn’t care for this idea as there would have been sharp metal edges. It would also have made building the internal sides of the drawer difficult to attach to a 1/4″ bottom panel.

Right Fixing Bracket

Right Fixing Bracket

Left Fixing Bracket

Left Fixing Bracket

Having worked in the cabinetry industry for a number of years, I recognized the hardware as Blum Tandembox components. This is a neat system where the drawer sides are stainless steel and the bottom and back are melamine or wood. In the usual system, there are additional rear fixing brackets that allow for the back to be attached to the drawer sides. The Ikea version doesn’t use these brackets, the metal back acts as the rear fixing brackets. I had a few extra brackets around so I tried them and they fit!. The Blum part number is Z30M000S.04. This part as well as information about how to calculate the width and depth of the drawer can be found in this brochure.


The most challenging part of the hack was to figure out how much drawer bottom had to be cut out. I have water supplies, valves, a garbage disposal and associated drain pipes. I needed to make sure that sufficient clearance was maintained so that the drawer didn’t collide with these things. Here is the finished drawer.

Drawer around sink plumbing

Completed Drawer